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I’m sure you’ve noticed people showing up in your favorite networking group after being absent for some time. What is your first thought? Mine is, “What are they looking for Now”? They’re usually trying to sell something. They’re trying to sell their product/service or they’re looking for a job.


NETWORKING IS NOT SALES!!! Networking is about establishing relationships & trying to help others first. I cringe a little when I see that person re-appear. I know I’m going to get a sales pitch.


If you believe in Networking you’ll connect with groups you like, or you could create your own group, & you’ll network on a regular basis. Your network will be there when you need it & they’ll be happy to help.

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“Whether we’re employees pitching colleagues on a new idea, entrepreneurs enticing funders to invest, or parents and teachers cajoling children to study, we spend our days trying to move others, like it or not, we’re all in sales now.” Daniel Pink from “To Sell Is Human”

Experienced and successful networking experts Bob Courtright and Marty Wolff are offering their latest networking program. This goes beyond fundamental networking and teaches us how to not only connect with people, but to positively influence them.

In this three (3) month program Bob and Marty will take you on the journey of networking and influence using the book “Network: All the Time, Everywhere, With Everybody” by Marty’s friend Jack Killion.

Program will be limited to the first ten (10) participants to sign up for the program. First session will be ___February 5, 2018____________________ . Sessions will be approximately two (2) hours long and will be held every Monday starting at 6PM for three months.

Each participant will be expected to purchase the book we will be using either in soft cover or electronic. Also, everyone will be expected to have written assignments completed and to bring copies of their assignments to each meeting to share with the group. In addition to the core learning instrument, Bob and Marty will also share additional audio, video, and other articles with the group for additional learning.

Program Objective: To significantly increase your ability to network with a purpose and to positively influence those you wish to have a positive impact upon.

Fees: $150 per month per participant. Participants need to agree to the three month program. Billing will be submitted via PayPal. 10% discount for those paying the entire sum in one payment at the beginning of the program. There is a special incentive for a company who sees the value in having a custom program for their team members. Fee for an individual company, for up to 10 participants will be $3,995.

Notify Bob at 570 947 1173 or Marty at 570 815 1626 of your interest to be a part of this business education.



  We  offer Linkedin training for individuals or groups at our office in Moosic or at your site.  Email if you have interest.



December 12, 2017


HEAD OF NETWORKING – Could/should this be the next title?

Purpose: To coordinate face to face & Social Networking.

Everyone agrees that Networking is important for individuals & organizations but most don’t have an organizational plan on how to do it most effectively.

What would be the benefits of this position?

It is important for recruiting, business development, PR, internal & external communications, vendor relationships & overall awareness of the organization.


An additional benefit for employees. Some may feel it would be a help to learn how to network for business & personal reasons.

All employees can use Networking assistance. Younger employees may need more help with in-person Networking & “more mature” may need more assistance with workers with social media.

Is there a measurable benefit to Networking? In some cases there is, i.e. recruiting, sales & employee satisfaction. It would be more difficult to prove this in other areas.

Networking works! Will this ever be a formal position?





When speaking about an ideal candidate, a lot of employers will tell you about the 5 or 6 “Must Haves”. Obviously, these are the essential experiences they are looking for. More often than not most of these “Must Haves” are technical skills. If you examine why employer/employee relationships don’t work out, it’s generally not due to a lack of technical skills. So, what is “The Ideal Candidate” if it’s not about those skills?

My 28+ years of recruiting experience has shown me that the following attributes are what make up “The Ideal Candidate”.

  1. Has a “base” of experience of what the employer is looking for, i.e., a Controller needs a background in Accounting.
  2. The candidate is a “Continual Learner”. They never stop learning & are always seeking new information that will help them improve.
  3. Adaptability – The candidate has shown that they have successfully adapted to a new situation.
  4. The candidate’s personality matches with the company culture. Also, it is about timing. Where is the candidate in their career progression & what stage is the company in.

I’ll ask clients if they’re confident the candidate will be doing the exact same job in 2 years of their hire date.   The answer comes back as no. This bolsters what I have listed above. “The Ideal Candidate” must have a base of experience, be a continual learner, be able to adapt & must fit the corporate culture.


Bob Courtright